Mission Statement

The Scappoose Police Department is dedicated to the safety and livability of our community by holding ourselves accountable to the highest standards of excellence and Professionalism.

Emergency Please Call 9-1-1
Non-Emergency Dispatch 503-397-1521

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Bicycle Registration


The Scappoose Police Department Bicycle Registration

We strongly suggest that everyone register their bicycles with the police department. The service is free and helps the police department return bikes that are turned into us to the rightful owner.  If we are unable to match them with their owners, the bikes are either donated or destroyed.
You do not need to bring your bicycle to the police department.  Bring the make and model of the bicycle, serial number, color of the frame, color of trim, color of seat, how many speeds, type of bike (i.e. Mountain bike, free style, BMX type), and any added extras.
A registration number will be assigned to you and the information will be stored at the Police department.



8.20.050 - Nuisances affecting public health

No owner or person in charge of property shall cause or permit on such property any nuisance affecting public health; nor shall any person cause on any property, public or private, any nuisance affecting public health.

C. A growth of Russian Thistle, Canadian Thistle, Chinese Thistle, white mustard, cocklebur, silver saltbush, foxtail or any other noxious weed; and all grass over ten inches in height.

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